Egyptian Film Critics Association


Cairo International Film Critics Week

On Wednesday, 14 June 1972, signing of the document establishing Egyptian Film Critics Association took place. After that the first temporary management was chosen: Ahmad Kamil Mursi became the president of the Association, Sami El-Salamoni vice-president, Fathi Farg secretary of the Association and Yusuf Sharif Rizq Allah treasurer while Ahmed Rafat Bahgat and Samir Farid became members. The new Association set itself following aim: consolidation of critics efforts to determine directions of methodology used in cinema criticism in order to awaken sensitivity and awareness of cinema in the spectator. This should be reached by:

1. Issuing periodical and occasional prints
2. Organization of cinema screenings
3. Organization of conferences and open seminars
4. Participation in conferences and open seminars
5. Observation of international film festivals
6. Awarding prizes at Egyptian and Arab film festivals
7. Awarding annual prizes for the best films and artists
8. Collaboration with Arabic Film Critics Association and The International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)
9. Establishing cooperation with similar Egyptian and foreign organizations
10. Foundation of a library dedicated to cinema.

Membership Terms:

1- Practicing of film criticism, regardless of the way of this practice.
2- Being objective in practicing his criticism.
3- Approval from two of the board members.
Current board consists of seven members:

Efca Board:
Mohsen Wefy as president, Ahmed Hassouna as vice president, Ahmed Shawky as secretary, Ranya Yousif as treasurer and Mohamed Atef, Rasha Hosny and Fathy Amin as members