This Little Father Obsession

Lebanon/Doc/2016/105 min In Arabic and French/ English subtitles/ DCP Format Egypt Premiere

The filmmaker traces the portrait of a family in which he is trying to find his place. The last descendant, losing his fertility, attracted to men, he is wondering about filiations and confronts his father with his obsessions at a time when their family house in Beirut is waiting to be demolished. Truth unveils as they go on a quest together to find a forgotten relative. During this journey, the house seems to persist.

Selim Mourad obtained his bachelor’s degree in audiovisual studies and his master’s degree in filmmaking from the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut (IESAV). He also participated in the Documentary Exchange Workshop with the Danish Film School.

Selim Mourad

Directed by: Selim Mourad
Producer: Jana Wehbe
Script Writer: Selim Mourad
Photography: Bachir Hajj, Jad Tannous, Selim Mourad
Editor: Carine Doumit, Selim Mourad
Cast: Antoine Mourad, Siham Mourad, Carole Abboud, Elie Mourad, Tilda Mourad Abou Diwane, Jessica Malkoun, Munir Abdallah